Stuffed Christmas Tree Lacing Craft for Fine Motor Skills


Lacing activities are an excellent way to work on fine motor skills.

To add a little festive flair to this fine motor activity with my preschooler, we made a Stuffed Christmas Tree.

I did all the prep work, she did the fun part-- stuffing and lacing!

christmas tree fine motor skills craft
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What you need:

Fine Motor Skills Christmas Craft

To prep the activity, you will need to cut out two tree-like shapes from the brown Christmas wrapping paper.

A paper bag will work, too-- I just happened to be at the craft store and thought it was too fun to not use for our Christmas tree craft or for wrapping presents!

Christmas Fine Motor Skills Craft

Once you have two matching tree cut-outs.  Place them on top of one another and punch holes around the tree.

For older kiddos, make more holes; for younger kiddos make the holes farther apart so it is not so much work.

Tape the end of your ribbon so that it is easier to thread through the hole.

Begin at the top and thread in and out of each of the holes all the way around the tree.

To keep your preschooler from pulling the ribbon out at the top, I used a clothespin to clip it in place.

Fine Motor Skills christmas tree craft for kids

When your child is almost around the tree, stuff the tree with some sort of filler; we used Easter grass, but newspaper, plastic bags, or tissue paper would work, too.

Then, continue lacing around the tree, until the two loose ends meet.

Tie the two loose ends into a knot and cut off the loose ends.

To complete the Christmas Tree, place a gift bow on the top!

Fine Motor Skills christmas tree craft for kids

Our Stuffed Christmas Tree Craft was inspired by these stuffed shapes over at Fantastic Fun & Learning.

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