Making Patterns with Tacky the Penguin Math Printable


Our latest math activity was inspired by the book, Tacky the Penguin by Helen Lester.  Did you know penguins like wearing bow-ties?

Well, Tacky and his penguin friends do!

Your preschooler will have fun working on making patterns by giving each penguin a colorful pipe cleaner bow-tie!

learn how to make math patterns

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To prep our Penguin Patterns Activity, you'll need:

Penguin Patterns Math Printable

Prior the activity, you will need to cut several colored pipe cleaners into 1 inch pieces.  Then you will cut those 1 inch pieces in half and twist them together to get a bow-tie like shape.

These will be your bow-tie manipulatives to create patterns on our penguin printable.

math patterns printable

If your child is just beginning to work on patterns, begin the pattern yourself on each penguin pattern strip and have your child complete the pattern.

If your child understands patterns, let him/her create the patterns on their own using the pipe cleaner bow-ties.

tacky the penguin inspired math activity

Have fun making patterns with our penguin themed math printable inspired by Tacky the Penguin.

Download your Penguin Patterns Math Printable here!

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