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Elementary Bible and Grammar Curriculum by Master Books

We really enjoyed having a chance to look through World History: You Report Curriculum and were excited to have the chance to get our hands on another great homeschool program by Master Books-- Elementary Bible And Grammar Curriculum Set for 3rd-6th Grade.

I was sponsored by Master Books to review their Elementary Bible and Grammar Curriculum Set and am excited to share my experience!  All opinions are mine alone.

The Bible and Grammar Curriculum Set uses the Illustrated Family Bible  Stories Storybook as its spine.  The illustrations in the Illustrated Family Bible Stories are beautiful!  It is a lovely storybook for all ages, but older children and adults will appreciate the details and imagery involved on each page.  It includes 200 events of the Bible that are easily understood for those of all ages.  The sidebar includes interesting information into culture during biblical times-- objects used, geographical facts, diagrams, maps, and more.

Along with Illustrated Bible Stories, the set includes a 36 Week Parent Lesson Planner {PLP} that includes weekly lesson schedule, worksheets for every lesson, and quizzes/tests.  The worksheets are grouped together by week and each contain a:
Verse of the Week
Vocabulary Words
Grammar Concept
Comprehension and Memorization
Hands-on Activity
Grammar Scholar Activity
{let me also quickly say that the term, "worksheet" is used pretty loosely, here.  They are not what most of us think as "drill and kill," but do include a few ways to review the grammar concept each week}

Elementary Bible and Grammar Curriculum Set is great for those interested in a Mastery Based Grammar Program in their homeschool.  Each week touches on a different grammar topic such as, compound words, nouns, commas, similes, etc.  Unfortunately there is no index of grammar concepts taught over the course of this curriculum, but you do learn a new grammar concept each week, thus learning 36 new concepts.  It will definitely give a nice foundation to build upon.

This curriculum set is also great for those that enjoy a general outline of what to do without being scripted word for word.  Four days a week you read about 2 pages from Illustrated Family Bible Stories.  The fifth day in the PLP is a two page "worksheet" for each lesson.  Therefore, the "worksheet" lessons are to be woven into your day throughout the week.  You can see a preview of the first two weekly lessons over at Master Books Website.  Check it out!

We are definitely "hands-on" learners around here, and I love that Elementary Bible and Grammar Curriculum Set rids of the notion that grammar is boring by including hands-on activities for each grammar concept.  For instance, when reviewing Adverbs, the activity for that week is to play a game of Charades!  While reviewing, Helping Verbs, the comprehension and memorization activity is to memorize the helping verbs to the tune of "Jingle Bells!"  The week learning about Irregular Plurals and reading about Jeremiah in the Illustrated Family Bible Stories Storybook has your student creating a clay pot!  The curriculum provides a lovely mix of hands-on activities and writing.

I really enjoyed having the chance to see the unique blend of grammar and bible together.    If you are looking for a new Bible AND Grammar Curriculum for your homeschool, you might like this!

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