Post It Name Game for Kids


Make learning your child's name fun by playing this easy name recognition game.  This simple, low-prep name game for kids will help your toddler and/or preschooler learn the letters of his/her name in no time.  Grab some post-it notes and Go on a Name Hunt!! 

name games for kids

My kids are always ready to play a game, so why not sneak in some learning and make it educational?!

A win-win for all involved, right?!!

Whether it is teach your little one math facts, how to tie their shoe, or the colors of the rainbow I guarantee you that if you turn it into a game somehow, your kiddo will be begging to play over and over.

Our latest educational game uses post-it notes to help teach your little one the letters in his/her name.

Name Games for Kids

name games for kids

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It may be as simple as tweaking a classic game just a bit, and "Voila!!" a new activity is born!  Just like this name game I set up for my preschooler.

My preschooler loves a good game of hide-n-seek, so I decided to add a little educational twist to help her learn the letters of her name.

Your child will love this playful name recognition game, too!

I gathered a few simple materials and told Little Sis that she was Going on a Name Hunt (because you know, that sounds so much better than, "Go find the letters I've hidden around the room.")

What you need:

name game for Kids with post-it notes

Post It Notes Name Game for Kids

To set up this name game, spell out your child's name on post it notes-- one letter per post it note.  On a separate sheet of paper, write your child's name so he/she can put the post-it note letters in the right order.

Hide them around the house.

Have your child go search for the letters and put them in order on their self-correcting sheet.

That's it!!  Be ready to hide the post it notes again.  Your little one will LOVE this name game!

Such a fun unique spin inspired by the game of hide-n-seek!

post it notes name game for kids

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