Build Your Name with LEGO Duplo


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Bring new life to your LEGO Duplos stash by embellishing them with colorful letter stickers.  Adding alphabet stickers to your LEGO Duplos is a playful way to talk about the ABC's, and creates many new ways to learn and play with them.  Practice letter sequencing with a game of What is Missing? like we shared a few weeks ago, or practice Name Recognition!  


Grab several LEGO Duplos-- enough to spell your child's name.  Place a letter sticker on the side of each LEGO Duplo.  When finished, place the LEGO Duplos in front of your child and talk about the letters you see.  Tell him/her that those are the letters that spell his name!  

Either direct your child by telling him which letter to find, or use this as a way to see if your child knows how to spell their name.  

Encourage your child to build his/her name interlocking the blocks horizontally.

Such a great and simple way to use LEGO Duplos to practice such an important skill-- recognizing your own name!


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