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Excited to share some winter theme printable ten frames to use in your homeschool or classroom today!  Use these to teach a variety of early math skills like 1:1 correspondence, number recognition, counting, etc!  This winter ten frame set is perfect to use with  your preschooler and/or kindergartner!

winter theme printable ten frames

Grab some snowflake manipulatives and you're ready to help your preschooler or kindergartner build number sense.  These would make a great addition to your math curriculum this winter.

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Printable Ten Frames

It's always fun to add in some themed learning printables when in a particular season.  Bugs and flowers in the spring.  Watermelon and fish in the summer.  Pumpkins and leaves in the fall.... and anything and everything snow in the winter.

Not sure about you, but my old bones just don't like the cold so much anymore.  Now my kids on the other hand, are thrilled when they see even a tiny speck of snow and beg until I agree they can bundle up and go outside to catch a snowflake or two.

My old bones would rather create hands-on printables with a winter theme instead! ha!

And that is just what I have done to help my little one practice counting to 10.

Printable Ten Frames Supplies:

How to use these Winter Theme Printable Ten Frames

Download and print our Winter Ten Frames Printable.

I highly recommend laminating these printable ten frames for durability; this allows you to re-use the printables another day and saves them from mis-use, dirty hands, spills, etc!   You can choose to work on the whole set of winter counting cards in one sitting, or pull out a number a day to focus on!

Provide Snowflake manipulatives or something similar like white pom pomssnowmen erasers, or white playdough to use as counters.

Have your child place the correct amount of manipulatives on each winter ten frame.

winter theme printable ten frames

Each counting mat contains a ten-frame box to help create a visual of each number.  If your child needs additional support counting, place the correct amount of dot stickers on each counting card.

Thus, place one dot sticker in one box for the number 1, etc.

Printable Ten Frames Extension Activities:

  • have your child trace inside the written number with a dry-erase marker or provide playdough and have your child fill the inside of each numeral!  

  • use these printable ten frames to solve making/ addition to 10.

  • encourage your child to put the counting cards in numerical order.

Download your Winter Theme Printable Ten Frames Printable Here!

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