Easy Foam Sticker Game Board


We love sharing educational activities you can put together yourself.  Some of our favorites include-- Hibernation Sensory Bag, Water Balloon Letter Smash and Stamp & Spell in Kinetic Sand.

And today, we are sharing our DIY Game Board using foam stickers.

Foam is a great educational material, and with a few more items you most likely have around your house, you can put together a simple game board to work on a number of concepts!

diy gameboard

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Make your own game board with these materials:

I opted to make our game board in a file folder so that it would be easy to store and a bit more sturdy than plain paper.  

Open the file folder up and glue two pieces of construction paper on the inside.  

We used scalloped scissors to create a pretty edge on our game board, but that is totally optional!  

Next, with your foam stickers begin making a trail from one end of the file folder to the opposite side.  

How you design your game board is completely up to you-- so be creative!  Invite your children to make it with you!  

Peeling those stickers is great for fine motor skills!

diy gameboard

To play simply add a few manipulatives to use as game pieces-- we used our mini erasers from last week's Stack the Erasers Game and a die.  

We kept our game pretty simple-- roll the die, move that many spaces.  

However, you could add in some flashcards, write a word or math problem on each foam sticker your child has to figure out to move ahead, etc.!  

So many ways to personalize this to your child's needs! 

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