5 Cheerful Valentines Rhyme and Fingerplay


Songs, rhymes, and fingerplays are a great way to engage little learners! This Valentine's Day, enjoy the rhyme, Five Cheerful Valentines while using DIY finger puppets!  Toddler and preschoolers will love playing along with Valentine Fingerplays!

valentine's fingerplay

Enjoy a festive Valentines finger play rhyme using pipe cleaner finger puppets!

My kiddos enjoyed doing a similar activity a few months ago with the poem, Five Little Pumpkins, and now that Valentine's Day is coming up, we made pipe cleaner heart finger puppets to go along with the Valentine's rhyme, Five Cheerful Valentines.  

This festive Valentines finger play is a great way to present math to your toddler or preschooler in a playful way!

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Valentine Fingerplays

How to Make the DIY Heart Fingerplay Puppets

To prep the activity, wrap five pipe cleaners around your fingers.  

Leave a large loop at the end to form into the shape of a heart.

Valentines Rhyme

We chose to use the Valentine's rhyme, Five Cheerful Valentines, but there are a few more that you could choose from that are playful introductions of adding/ subtracting to five.  

I put one of the five pipe cleaner heart finger puppets on each of my 3 year old's fingers.  

As we sang/chanted the Five Cheerful Valentines rhyme, he would take off  a pipe cleaner finger puppet for each person he sent a valentine to.

Love this playful way to practice math skills with your toddler and/or preschooler!

Five Cheerful Valentines Rhyme

Five cheerful valentines from the ten cent store- 
I sent one to __________; now I have four.

Four cheerful valentines, pretty ones to see-
I gave one to ____________; now I have three.
Three cheerful valentines with flowers pink and blue-
I gave one to ____________; now I have two.
Two cheerful valentines-my story's almost done.
I gave one to ______________; now I have one.
One cheerful valentine-one and only one-
I gave it to _______________; now I have none.
(Insert a child's name in each blank space.)

valentine fingerplays

Enjoy more Valentine Songs and Rhymes; we found the Valentines Rhymes we used for our printables at Kid N' Kaboodle-- but there are SO many more!

Download your Five Cheerful Valentines Printable and three other Valentines rhymes to use with our pipe cleaner heart finger puppets.

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