Color Sudoku Puzzles for Kids {4 Printable Board Games}


Prior to coming up with the Post It Notes Sudoku Puzzle, the concept of Sudoku Puzzles intimidated me.  Anyone else?

However, once I realized how to work through the puzzle, I found them quite fun!

Sudoku is a great puzzle game for kids of all ages and builds logic skills.

Joining in with other Early Elementary Bloggers for this week's Rainbow Theme, we made Color Sudoku Puzzles with the colors of the rainbow.

printable sudoku puzzle for kids

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Sudoku can be played using numbers, letters, colors, etc.  We expanded our Post It Notes 3x3  grid and made a 6x6 sudoku puzzle using colors of the rainbow.

Fun Sudoku Puzzle for Kids

The goal of Color Sudoku is to fill in the missing squares in the grid so that each row, column, and 2x3 section has one of the colors of the rainbow.

There can be no duplicate colors in each row, column, or section.

Color Sudoku Challenge for Kids - Printable

Sudoku is a great brain game for your child as your child builds logic and reasoning skills trying to determine the right combinations of colors for each section to complete the puzzle.  

There are four different Rainbow Colors Sudoku puzzles in our printable pack.

I have also included an answer key to all four puzzles and have provided a blank sudoku grid so that your child can make his/her own!

Have your child complete one of the our four Rainbow Sudoku Games using colored construction paper or crayons to fill in the grid.

Color Sudoku Brain Game Challenge for Kids

Your child may enjoy using the cut up pieces of construction paper to use because then he/she can move the pieces around to figure out what color belongs in what space.

Enjoy our Color Sudoku Puzzles!

Download and print one of our Rainbow Sudoku Games for your Kids Here!

color sudoku puzzles for kids - printable sudoku game boards


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