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Make Your Own Sudoku Game with Post It Notes!

Hi friends!  If you follow along, you probably saw our Post-It Notes Noun Hunt a few months ago.  

Well, we had some more fun with Post-It Notes this past week; we used them to play Post-It Note Sudoku.  

The stick and peel feature of the post-it notes gives those hand muscles a work-out, so it is the perfect activity to share with you for another week of Fine Motor Fridays.

fine motor skills logic game

Are you a Sudoku fan?

Have you even heard of Sudoku before?

I've seen the fill-in-the-blank puzzles many times, but honestly the whole concept scared me a bit.  It is typically filled with numbers amongst blank spaces, so having a slight phobia of anything math related, I steered clear.

Cool Logic Game for Kids

Despite being commonly used with numbers, Sudoku dosen't require math skills per se-- it is actually a game of logic.

Sudoku puzzles may also be played using colors, alphabets, ... and post-it notes!

post it notes sudoku logic game

Supplies Needed:

I made up a simple 4x4 grid as the base for our puzzle; if you are familiar with Sudoku, you may add more difficulty by making a 6x6 and/or 9x9 grid.

The object of the game is to fill in the blank "cells."

That may sound pretty simple, but while filling in the "cells," there must be no duplicates in each row and column!

post it notes sudoku puzzle

Once I made up the grid, I deliberately placed one post-it note of each color on the grid.

It was my child's job to finish it off and figure out how to solve the puzzle using the rest of the post-it notes.

 I am glad I chose to do this activity with post-it notes vs. stickers, because we had to switch up a couple of cells a few times!

So much hand coordination is involved in peeling and sticking post-it notes.

fun sudoku logic game for kids

Even though I made up the puzzle, it was a great brain work-out for me, too! 

 It is not so easy as it looks!  

But my son was all smiles in the end when he did figure it out!  

A little logic and fine motor action in one easy to make activity!

creative sudoku game with post it notes

Thanks for stopping over for another edition of Fine Motor Fridays;
I hope you will stick around and check out the other co-hosts have put together for you this week!

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