Loving Art with Home Art Studio DVDs


Art has been hit or miss around here; it is something my son loves to do but we had yet to find something that would work in our homeschool.... until a few months ago.  Out of the blue we were contacted by the creator of Home Art Studio about reviewing her homeschool art curriculum.  Well, my answer was a resounding, "Yes!"

Home Art Studio Curriculum Review

I was gifted the full set of Home Art Studio DVDs for this review.  All opinions are my own.

Home Art Studio is a DVD based Art curriculum for K-5th Grades.  There is also a Holiday Arts and Crafts DVD.  We were gifted with all of the DVDs and upon arrival, my 8 year old immediately whipped open the package and started watching one of the DVDs!  He was beyond thrilled!  My 5 year old daughter even got in the action and created a torn paper owl collage from the Kindergarten DVD!

Home Art Studio Homeschool Curriculum

Learning Art with Home Art Studio DVDs

The art lessons included in the Home Art Studio DVDS build upon each other and are meant to give your children an appreciation and greater understanding for the visual arts in age-appropriate ways.  Your children will work with a variety of different mediums, expand his/her knowledge of the color wheel and art terminology, sculpt, paint, draw, and more!

Home Art Studio has been a wonderful addition to our homeschool!  I personally love the DVD format because it gives my son the option and freedom to do art whenever he desires, not just when I have it written into our schedule.  Over the past couple months, there have been times when my son has completed several projects in one afternoon!

Home Art Studio art project from School Time Snippets

The projects included in Home Art Studio are easy to follow and it's been great having Ms. Violin in our home to share her knowledge and expertise in an area that I do not feel confident to teach.  Ms. Violin is a Certified Art Educator with a passion to encourage problem-solving, creativity, and imagination through the visual arts.  No more searching online for ideas or searching through books or "forgetting" to do art altogether-- Home art Studio is the only elementary art curriculum we'll need!

Home Art Studio DVD Project and Review

Being that we were given all six Home Art Studio DVDs, there was no rhyme or reason to the art projects that my son chose to do.  Many times he would watch a few videos and then decide on a project.  The materials used for each project can easily be found at any craft store or online.  And if we didn't have the art material readily available, most often than not, the project could be completed with a different material.

Do you study art in your homeschool?  If it tends to get pushed to the back burner like in our house, add some art to your day right now by viewing a free lesson from each of the elementary art DVDs!

Home Art Studio DVD Project and review

I hope you have enjoyed seeing our collection of artwork we have created while using Home Art Studio!  There's still several art projects that I didn't get pictures of; stop by Home Art Studio's website to find out more!

Home Art Studio DVD Review

Looking for a way to add more art into your homeschool?  Check out Home Art Studio DVDs!