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Snip & Sort: Create a 5 Senses Mini Book


Looking for a fun way to explore the five senses with your preschooler?  How about make a fun little mini book with pictures for each sense! My 3 and 5 year old collaborated together to make their own Five Senses Collage Mini Book by cutting pictures out of old magazines that describe each of the five senses.  They loved this hands-on activity!

5 senses printable mini book

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In creating this five senses mini book, my children came to understand that we often use more than one of our five senses as to explore the world!

Here are some more fun ways to explore each of the five senses with your preschooler:
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5 senses mini book printable activity

5 Senses Printable Activity

To make your own five senses collage mini book, you'll need:

5 senses book printable

This activity also gives your child the opportunity to use scissors, which is an important fine motor skill!

Go through the magazines and talk about the pictures you see and how you are able to experience the picture through one of your five senses:  

Can you see it?
Can  you touch it?
Can you feel it?
Can you hear it?
Can you taste it?

Cut the picture out and glue it onto one of the five senses mini book pages.  This is also an excellent way to build vocabulary and language skills, too.  And gives a glimpse into little minds!

I found it interesting that my 3 year old chose to put a picture of a smoothie on the page for "Hear"; his reasoning was because we can hear the smoothie being made!

Which was also a great lead into explaining that we often use more than one of our five senses at the same time-- we are constantly exploring our world.

5 senses book printable

Continue until satisfied with your five senses mini book!  Finally, staple the pages together.  When your child is all finished, share the book with another family member.

Download and print your Five Senses Mini Book here!

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