Shaving Cream Subtraction Smash: Messy Preschool Math Activity


Add a bit of shaving cream to a tray or tabletop and my kiddos will have fun adding in cars, writing letters and numbers, and smearing it around every which way.

Shaving cream makes for a great boredom buster and if the kids get a bit crazy, just dip them in the bath after wards and they'll be squeaky clean!  Ha! But why not add a bit of learning to this fun sensory play experience, too?!

Add a few math flashcards and you have a simple and FUN way to practice subtraction with your preschooler!

Your kiddos will love this Shaving Cream Subtraction Smash Activity!

fun preschool math activity
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Pick up a can of shaving cream from the Dollar Store {or borrow hubby's!}, grab some flashcards, and you have a hands-on math activity your preschooler will LOVE!

It may not last long, but the idea is to present math in a fun way.  It's not about understanding as it is about exposure to the concept.

Fun Preschool Math Idea

teach child subtraction

On a work tray, show your child a flashcard and have them say the numbers they see.  Introduce your child to the subtraction sign and that it means to 'take away.'

Read the flashcard again and explain that your child is going to help you find the answer.

For example, with 8-5, read the subtraction problem "8 minus/ take away 5 equals??" then squirt 8 'dollops' of shaving cream onto the tray.

To find the answer tell your child he/she needs to take away/ SMASH! 5 dollops of shaving cream.  

When your child has done that, ask him/her for the answer--- 3!

learn math skills with shaving cream

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