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Compare the Numbers Dice Game

Work on various math skills such as counting, number recognition, and comparing two numbers with this simple and fun math game.  My 5 year old and I played this game together and it was a great way to introduce some new vocabulary like, more than and less than.

The way we played also worked on fine motor skills, too.

Grab some dice and have fun with our Comparing Numbers Math Printable.

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comparing numbers math printable

To play, you'll need:

Fun Kindergarten Math Printable

Introduce the idea of comparing numbers and identifying the larger or smaller number with this simple activity.  It can be played with one or two dice-- we chose two to also work on adding numbers together.

kindergarten math worksheet comparing numbers

Once each player has chosen a color of paint, have player 1 roll the die and make that many marks on the printable using the qtip.

Then player 2 does the same thing.

I've since updated the printable, so within each box is a <, >, or = sign in the middle.

Have player 1 make their dot marks with the qtip on one side and player 2 make their dot marks on the other side.

Once each player has rolled the die and made their dots, decide which number is larger and circle the correct sign in the middle so the equation reads correctly.

comparing numbers math printable

I love simple math activities, and this truly works on so many math skills!  Enjoy comparing numbers with your child!

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