5 Simple Ways to Save on Homeschool Curriculum


Another {school} year bites the dust!  If you homeschool and follow the traditional public school calendar, your school year is almost done.  However, even if you choose a year round schedule, spring time is when I think many begin looking for homeschool curriculum; the "newness" of spring sets off a domino effect in a lot of other areas of our life, too, doesn't it?!

how to save on homeschool curriculum

Whether you are looking for new curriculum because something isn't working, need a change of pace, or have found a curriculum you love here are some simple and practical ways to SAVE on homeschool curriculum.
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Homeschool Curriculum Tips

1. Set a budget.
Ahhh, yes. The lovely "B" word when dealing with finances!  However, without a budget it is so easy to get sucked into becoming a curriculum junkie; spending here and there without reason or because something looks "neat."  You could still stock up on curriculum by using these tips and by keeping your eyes peeled for a "deal"-- but know what you can and cannot afford.  You don't need to deal with the additional strain of the effects of overspending while homeschooling!  And really, there are SO many options available for every budget and learning style; you could homeschool for free using online resources and the library or go all out and pay several hundred dollars per child.  Your budget might be big or it may be small-- either way, try and stick to it!

2.  Buy Used Non-Consumables.
Non-consumables are those items that you can pass down-- think textbooks.  Yes, they may no longer be shiny and/or new, but chances are they won't stay that way if you bought it like that anyways. Ahem-- coffee spills, "writing" from your littles, breakfast stained fingers, etc. etc.  But likely, if someone is wanting to re-sell their textbook it will be in pretty decent shape.

There are a great number of online curriculum resale groups.  However, your homeschool community might also have a curriculum sale/ swap.  And you never know when you might come across some great readers at a garage or book sale!  I was able to score some books to use for our Five in a Row curriculum for pretty cheap that way!

3. Buy Ebook Versions of Consumables.
With the convenience of technology at our fingertips, we really don't need to be lugging around stacks of books anymore.  Ebooks also take up less physical space.  If you have a laptop or IPad handy, you can just pull up your ebook/ printable version wherever you are-- kitchen table, outdoors, or on the road.  Typically ebook versions are cheaper AND they can be re-used within your household.  So if you have more than one child, he/she could benefit from ebook versions, too.  However, even if you still like having a physical copy, you have the option of printing it all out or what you need and binding it or putting it in a folder.

4. Borrow from a friend or your community library
If someone you know has used the curriculum you are interested in, check with them to see if they might lend it to you!  Or perhaps your library might have something you are interested in.  I am able to get reading curriculum and more through my library's partnership with other libraries.  If your local library doesn't have that-- perhaps a local co-op has a place you can check out curriculum.

5.   Re-use or Re-sell what you already have
Now that you have curriculum, either "save" on curriculum for other children by re-using it OR if just wouldn't be a good fit for said child-- resell it and use that money to buy new curriculum!

Have fun and save on homeschool curriculum this year!  Do you have any tips to add?