Sight Word HIGH FIVE Game!


Play High Five Sight Words for a fun way to teach your child to read!  Beginning readers will love this reading game!  It's the perfect way to move and learn how to read in your homeschool, Kindergarten, First, and Second Grade class!

Have fun teaching your kiddos to read with hands-on activities and games.  When Big Brother was younger, we had some fun learning sight words by playing Swat that Sight Word, setting up a simple Reading Scavenger Hunt, and Sight Word Crayon Craft.  

Now, it is time to get Little Sis and Little Brother interested in learning to read.  

We joined with our Creative Preschool buddies today to share a Sight Word Activity.  This Sight Word High Five Game is a great way to get moving and learning sight words!  

fun sight words game

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Sight Word High Five is a simple and easy game to set up.  With minimal prep, your kiddos will be having a blast learning to recognize sight words and giving them a high five!

Fun Sight Words Game

What you need:

  • foam hand cut-outs {purchased ours from Dollar Spot at Target some time ago}
  • marker
  • tape

On pre-cut foam hands {or you can make them yourself with foam or construction paper}, write a a sight word.  Most sight words actually can be learned using phonics and spelling rules, but being that sight words make up a lot of text, it may be easier for some to simply memorize the word.  

Using tape, adhere them to a spot on the wall.

fun DIY sight word game for kids

 Before calling out one of the words, I showed each one to Little Sis and Little Brother.  My daughter was familiar with some of the words, but a few were "new."

To play Sight Word High Five, simply call out a sight word and have your child go and give it a "high five!"

Such a great way to move and learn!

fun sight word game for kids

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