Tissue Paper Flag 4th of July Craft


Make this easy flag craft with your kids for the 4th of July!

Picking up table clutter for what seems to be the billionth time one day, I came across a pile of tissue paper squares we picked up from our latest trip the Dollar Store.  It was one of those random, "that's neat" purchases that would likely get used up by my kiddos once we got home, but it inspired me to make a tissue paper craft for the 4th of July.

american flag craft

Scrunching tissue paper is great for fine motor skills, which we seem to post a lot about here.  We've co-authored two books on fine motor skills, so obviously we love sharing activities that get your little ones strengthening the muscles in his/her hand and fingers.
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4th of July Craft

Our 4th of July Tissue Paper craft is easy to make for kiddos of all ages and works on those all important fine motor skills.  My 3 and 5 year old each made one, so it is an especially great American flag craft for preschoolers to make.

Similarly, for spring, you might like this Tissue Paper Easter Egg.

american flag craft


I printed out a Simplified American Flag for my 3 year old and an American Heart Flag for my 5 year old.

Earlier in the morning, I cut the red, white, and blue tissue paper into small squares.

I gave them each their printable and some glue.  I showed them we were going to scrunch up the tissue paper between our fingers and glue it to the flag.  For color reference, I reminded them of our other patriotic craft we made a few weeks ago-- our Paper Tube American Flag hanging on our wall.

tissue paper craft

I took turns helping my kiddos and snapped happily away on my camera.

Once they were finished, we let them dry.

After drying, I cut them out and glued them to a piece of construction paper.

4th of July Craft

Have fun creating this easy, patriotic 4th of July craft while working on fine motor skills, too.

It is pretty mess-free for you mamas that turn and run at the word "craft," and is a great way to sneak in some learning skills for you mamas who want "more" than just a pretty holiday craft.

Sometimes I feel like a broken record, but having strong fine motor skills will come in handy when your child begins to write!  And this is the perfect {and festive} way to work on those all important fine motor skills!

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