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9 Brilliant and Simple Ways to Play with Play Dough

I have a love/ hate relationship with play dough.  I love that it keeps my kiddos occupied, but I hate the mess it creates.

I love that it's a versatile manipulative and can be used for learning all sorts of early learning skills, but I hate when the colors get mixed up.

I love that it is a sneaky way to build fine motor skills, but I hate that the containers are so hard to open.

The good definitely outweighs the bad and we've had lots of fun squishing, rolling, pinching, and more with play dough --from using it to learn math skills to combating boredom to working on letter recognition!

play dough activities for kids

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With several kiddos, I often look for opportunities for them all to play together. With my oldest getting.... older {sigh!}, it is hard to get them all on the same page; there's always one complaining about the activity.  Mama 0- Kids 3!  That's how it feels anyways ; )

However, when the play dough comes out, all the kiddos want to play with it for a period of time.

It is quite magical!

Even if it's for a few minutes, I relish all three of my kiddos sharing, laughing, and enjoying playing with each other!

Play Dough Ideas for Kids

We've shared some fun ways to learn and play with play dough on the blog.  Here's 9 of our favorites!

Play Dough Monsters | Perfect go along activity for Leonardo the Terrible Monster.

Count to 100 Play Dough Math Game | Roll, Build, and Squish to 100 {or use the printable Hundreds Board to work on number recognition to 20, 50, or any number in between}.

Excavating Play Dough Dinosaur Eggs | Playful tabletop activity for your dinosaur fan!

Play Dough Search and Count | Great fine motor and math activity for little hands!

Beads and Play Dough Letter Recognition |  Hands-on way to practice learning the letters of the alphabet!

Roll and Build a Play Dough Spud | Such a fun, playful way to re-use those Mr. Potato Head Pieces and practice number recognition for numbers 1-6!

Put Me in the Zoo Fine Motor Activities | We LOVE this book! And a great way to work on color recognition!

Play Dough Geometry: Exploring Shapes | Hands-on shapes activity for kids of all ages!

Seasons of a Tree Play Dough Mat | Re-create the spring, summer, fall, and winter using play dough!

creative ways to use play dough

Bring the play dough out with your kiddos.  It might make for a magical few minutes also!

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