How to Give Junk Drawer Toys New Life: A Process Art Sculpture for Kids


What does a coin machine gem, McDonald toy, Disney's Woody the Cowboy figurine, and pieces from an old Rush Hour game have in common?

They are all miscellaneous pieces {a.k.a "junk"} found in our ever-growing junk drawer in our kitchen.

Do you have one of those, too?  A drawer that becomes a "catch-all" for all those random toy pieces you find around the house but don't have the heart to throw away {not yet anyways....}

Instead of throwing those random toys away, create a one-of-a-kind Junk Sculpture!

process art sculpture

Your kiddos will love going through their junk piles and creating this unique process art masterpiece!

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There's a time and place for "cookie cutter" crafts for little kids where you provide them the necessary materials and provide them with a finished product to aim for.  But even those crafts can show off your little one's personality by pasting a leg upside down or eyeball in the center.  

Process art activities on the other hand are all about the process-- not the end product.  

Process art activities are a wonderful way for kiddos to unleash their creativity; there's no right or wrong way to make this sculpture!  

Remember, it is all about the process!  

So, clean out the junk drawers and gather all the loose game pieces to use them to create!  You also might like this other fun process art sculpture using paper tubes.

What you need:

Process Art Sculpture for Kids

Here's a peek at our stash!  Small cars, gems from the coin machines, happy meal toys, random game pieces, etc. etc!

re-purpose old toys

Using the junk stash begin creating a sculpture by gluing your pieces onto the plastic lid.

Make sure to use a low-heat gun for little hands.

Glue pieces upwards or to the side.  Place the pieces upside down or sideways!

process art sculpture for kids

Next time you see a random toy lying around, missing game piece in the wrong place, or McDonald's Happy Meal Toy shoved under the couch, stash it away for this creative process art sculpture!

Your child will love going through old treasures again and using his/her imagination to create a special one-of-a-kind sculpture!

Have fun creating!

process art sculpture

More Process Art Fun:

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