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Roll & Count to 100 Play Dough Squish Math Game

Teaching my preschooler counting skills to 10 was no problem, counting to 20 is taking a little more practice, but counting to 100 is uncharted territory!

We don't just go around counting groups of a hundred items everyday to increase exposure to numbers, so instead I made a fun hundreds board math game.

Joining in with our Creative Preschool friends, we are sharing a fun way to Count to 100.

100s Board Math Game

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Since we love to squish and smash around here per our Subtraction Smash Activity and Number Line Smash Game, we created another squish game using play dough.

Adding the element of play dough into this math game also works on those important fine motor skills.

For our Count to 100 Play Dough Squish Math Game, your child will work on rolling out 100 balls of play dough.

There is a lot of patience and concentration built into this activity!

Hundreds Board Math Game

To play, you'll need:

Laminate the hundreds board printable prior to playing.  Give each player a hundreds board and can of play dough.

There are a few different ways to play using our hundreds board.

100s Board Math Game

Ways to Play

1.  You could roll out 100 balls of play dough prior to playing.  Add in a die and play a Roll to 100 Game, where you add a certain amount of play dough balls per the number on the die when it is your turn.

2. Play as above, but roll the play dough balls out AS you play.

3.  Fill the hundreds board with play dough and play the Roll to 100 game by squishing said amount of play dough balls per the number on the die.

100s Board Math Game

Either way, your preschooler will have a great time rolling and squishing the play dough in this fun and simple math game!

If your child isn't ready to play to 100, use the board game to play to 20 or 50, instead.

Yay for a fun math game!

Yay for an activity that also works on strengthening fine motor skills!

Have fun!

100s Board Math Game

Download your Roll to 100 Math Game Printable Here

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