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HUGE List of Ice Cream Activities for Kids

There is a lot to celebrate in the month of July-- America's independence, family birthdays, and.... ice cream!

I kid you not, July is National Ice Cream Month.

And I say-- let's celebrate by crafting, playing. learning, and eating ice cream!!  Enjoy this fun list of ice cream activities kids will LOVE!

Ice Cream Activities for Kids

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Ice Cream Activities

When hubby and I were dating {oh so long ago}, one of our favorite "date nights" was getting ice cream. I'm pretty sure there were some weeks that we went for ice cream every night! 

We seem to have passed along our love for ice cream to our kiddos!

In honor of Ice Cream Month-- peanut butter, cookie dough, and mint chocolate chip-- we've put together the Ultimate List of Ice Cream Activities for Kids!  

Your kiddos will love these 40 awesome activities that have your children crafting, playing, learning, and eating ice cream!

Ice Cream Art & Crafts:

Bring out your box of craft materials and have fun painting, coloring, and decorating ice cream art projects!

Ice Cream Activities for Kids

Ice Cream Activities:

Your kiddos will love the variety of sensory ice cream activities from small worlds to cloud dough ice cream to play dough!

Ice Cream Activities for Kids

Ice Cream Printables 

From letter matching to fine motor skills to subtraction-- you kiddos will love these learning activities with an ice cream theme!

Ice Cream Printables

Ice Cream Treats:

Kick off your ice cream fun or bring it to an end with one of these delicious ice cream treats!

Man, all this ice cream talk is making me "eye" my freezer where we have a couple of half-empty ice cream containers just "taking up space."  I think the chocolate peanut butter is calling my name!

Which one of these ice cream activities will you do first?!

Ice Cream Activities