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letter i
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Letter I Tot School Activities

Along with some printables used this week, Little Sis also had fun with our Melissa & Doug Ice Cream Scoop Set and Kid-O Color Steps puzzle!  Both kept her plenty occupied throughout the week.

 Ha! Love this face of hers!!  Little Sis might say she disagrees, but she LOVES her big brother.  More often than not, they do play great together.  However, this particular morning and with this particular toy, she was not interested in sharing.  But then again, if someone was trying to take MY ice cream, I probably wouldn't share, either ; )

 I is for Ice Cream:
We LOVE Dot stickers around here!!
letter i

 Ice Cream Match Up:
I laminated and cut each ice cream cone into two pieces to create a puzzle activity for Little Sis. I think she was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of cards I had and so she didn't take to this activity for very long. I think I got two matches from her and then she was done. 
letter i

Count the Scoops:
Little Sis has surprised me a couple times by counting to 10 all by herself and understands three fingers = 3, but this activity made me realize that we need to work on number recognition, too.

Making the letter I with our new letter construction set from Learning Resources!

Baby Brother loves tagging along during school time, too : )

Here's some of the printables we used for the Letter I!
letter i
Letter I Do a Dot
Ice Cream Match Up Page 1, Page 2, Page 3
Count the Scoops #1-3, #4-5

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