Hands-on Reading Game: Diving for Treasure


I managed to teach my oldest-- now it is time for my second go around with Little Sis, who turned five in March.  It's been a few years, but as a homeschooling mama, the struggle is real.  

Can I do it?  

Can I do it again?  

Can I teach my child to read?
fun reading game for kids

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Four-ish years ago when I was teaching my oldest to read, I agonized over which reading curriculum to use; in the end, we did a lot of hands-on games and also worked through Explode the Code books. Then we moved onto All About Spelling.

Fun Reading Game for Kids

For little sis, we chose a different curriculum, but will still add hands-on reading games like this Diving for Treasure Reading Game.

Prior to blending sounds to make words in this Diving For Treasure Reading Game, set up the "game board" by decorating a piece of blue construction paper with ocean themed foam stickers.

Write several letters on post-it notes and grab the scuba diver and treasure chest from the Coral Reef Toob Set {might also be fun to use some chocolate as the "treasure"}.

CVC reading game

To play: 

Decide on a "target" word you want your child to sound out.  I made three rows of post it notes, each with three letters.

Place the scuba diver near the first row of words and say a letter sound.  Have your child choose which letter makes that sound and place it at the bottom of the game board.

Move to the next row and say the next sound in the target word.  Have your child choose the letter that makes that sound and add it to the bottom of the game board.

Finally, move your scuba diver to the last row and say the last sound in the target word.  Have your child add it to the bottom of the game board.

With your scuba diver at the treasure, have your child blend the sounds together and read the target word.

Play again with a new word!

fun reading game for kids

Such a simple and fun hands-on reading game!

So, whether you choose a curriculum designed for reading or not, try not to be so task driven that you forget to enjoy this process with your child!   

Make reading fun with hands-on games!  

You can teach your child to read!

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