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9 Super Colorful Rainbow Activities Your Kids Will Love

Do you know ROY G BIV?  It's a helpful acronym to remember the order and colors of the rainbow.  ROY G BIV = red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.  

Help your little one learn and play with the colors of the rainbow with these fun and simple colorful activities!

rainbow activities for kids

 Recently, I've noticed how I look up to the sky after a raging thunderstorm hoping to see a colorful promise in the sky.  After something so dark, we seek light.

Do you do that as well?

It amazes me that something so simple can bring so much joy and excitement.

Colorful Rainbow Ideas for Kids

Incorporate the colors of the rainbow into some fun learning and play activities with your kiddos!  Here's 9 of our favorites!

Pony Bead Rainbow | A creative fine motor task for your child in preschool and older.

Rainbow Sudoku | After our Post It Notes Sudoku Activity, I've been waiting for a time to challenge Big Brother with another logic game.  This time using all the colors of the rainbow.  Includes a free printable!

Rainbow Abacus Counting Tool | Create a colorful abacus counting tool using colorful beads and an embroidery hoop!

R is for Rainbow Preschool Alphabet Craft |  Fun alphabet craft for children of all ages!  Create R is for Rainbow using marbles and paint!

Yarn Wrapped Rainbow |  Beautiful craft that works on fine motor skills! Ours are still hanging up in our schoolroom!

Paint Chip Rainbow Alphabet Busy Bag |  Grab some paint chips and work on letter recognition!

Rainbow Name Recognition Craft | Fun and simple name recognition craft using scissors!

Pipe Cleaner Rainbow Tree |  A fun table-top fine motor activity for your preschooler!

Edible Rainbow and Crafts | After doing a rainbow themed activity or two, plan on making an edible rainbow for lunch!  My son loved it!

Enjoy some fun with ROY G BIV in your homeschool!

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