Keeping Kindergarten Simple: Our Curriculum Picks


Tot School, Preschool, and yes... it is time.  Time for Little Sis to start Kindergarten!

Little Sis is tender-hearted, spunky, and creative.

She loves imaginative play and hanging with her brothers.

She loves to read Fairy books and having had our curriculum for a few months now, will often come and say, "Momma, can we do this now?"

Oh, child.... "do school?  Of course! 

Curriculum Choices Kindergarten

With that said, Little Sis loves to learn... however, it has to be on her terms.  Thus our schedule will be fairly relaxed.  We'll be participating in quite a few activities during the week, so I am not going to stress over what did and/or did not get done each day .

Homeschool Kindergarten Curriculum

Ideally, I'd like to do some math and phonics work daily--  my goal is 10 minutes of each everyday.

So our curriculum picks this year are:
Went for the Charlotte Mason approach in Math for Little Sis {compared to Math U See with Big Brother}.  Thus far it's a lot of copy work, though she doesn't seem to mind.  I love how there is a story woven in the book that helps show math can be seen everywhere.
Several months ago I was SO sure of using CLE's Learning to Read Program with Little Sis, but came across Foundations and loved it, too!  I have both and so I have plans to do both!  CLE is more workbook-y and introduces sight words and Foundations involves handwriting and really lays a solid foundation in phonics.
  • Literature-Based Activities {like Five in a Row}

That's it!

Comparing this to Big Brother's 5K year, I definitely went for simple and relaxed with Little Sis.  I was adamant about rowing every week with Big Brother when he was in Kindergarten, and I have plans to row with Little Sis-- however, I am thinking ONE row a month over the course of several weeks.  Or perhaps we'll make our own activities like we have been using Five in a Row as a guide.... I still haven't committed to anything!

I really hope to make our learning time special, fun, and relaxed. 

Will you be homeschooling kindergarten this year?
What are your curriculum picks? 

My motto for Little Sis this year is: Keep Calm & Kindergarten On!