Letter U Unicorn Craft


Teach your toddler or preschooler the alphabet by making a craft for each letter!  Alphabet crafts create fun visuals to help your child recognize the letter shape and sound it makes. For our letter u craft, we turned the letter u into a unicorn! 

Letter U craft: u is for unicorn craft

Umbrella, underwater, underwear, ukelele ..... Unicorn!

Such was my thought process when deciding what craft we should make for the letter u as we make our way creating a craft for each letter of the alphabet.

Up until now, we have made a craft to go with the short sound of all the vowels, but there wasn't too much to work with for the Letter U!  A few years ago during Tot School with Little Sis, we did U for Underwater, so I wanted to do something different this time around.

So why not make a magical unicorn?!  Unicorns are the "in" thing right now!  You might like to check out our U is for Unicorn Do A Dot  printable.

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Letter U Craft

supplies for u is for unicorn craft



To prep the activity, draw out a letter U, a small triangle for the horn, and an oval like shape for the head.

Typically I have everything cut for Little Sis, but since I was still pulling stuff from the shelves, I had her practice her scissor skills by cutting out the letter U.

Prior to gluing everything else on, we glued the letter U to another piece of paper.

Next, Glue the googly eye to the unicorn's head, the oval-like shape.  Add a smile with a marker.

Totally optional, but Little Sis chose to make lines with glitter glue on the horn-- later she made the Unicorn's body sparkly, too.

Encourage scissor skills by having your child cut various lengths of colorful yarn that will make up the Unicorn's mane and tail.  Glue the yarn onto the letter.

unicorn craft for preschoolers

Don't forget while crafting to come up with some other words that begin with the letter u!  

Little Sis has loved having this visual to help her remember each letter.  When she asks what the letter u is next time, I can say u is for unicorn {much better than u is for underwear! Ha!}