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Fun Apple Seeds Fine Motor Skills Activity

Using the same adorable red platter turned apple from our applesauce writing tray, you can set up a simple and fun fine motor activity for your child.

It is the perfect way to add some apple themed fun into your learning activities!

apple fine motor activity
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Fine Motor Apple Activity

If you have yet to do our applesauce writing tray activity, first tape a brown stem and green leaf to the platter so that it resembles an apple.

apple fine motor activity

Next, add a couple of small pre-packaged containers of applesauce to the platter.

Dump several dried black beans into the applesauce.

Provide your child the tweezers and encourage him/her to use the tweezers to pick up the "apple seeds."

apple fine motor activity

As your child picks up the seeds with the tweezers, count the number of seeds.  This is a great way to sneak in some math skills, too!

Have fun adding this fun and simple fine motor skills activity to your learning activities!  Don't forget to add a couple of apple books to your reading basket, too: