Easy No-Mess Fireworks Craft for Kids


Here's another craft perfect for summer-- Sparkly Tape Fireworks!  Watching fireworks has always been a favorite summer "bucket list" activity. This year we saw them in town for the Fourth of July and had a pretty good view compared to last year {that's another story for another day}.  Have you seen any firework shows this summer?

easy preschool fireworks craft

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A larger city not too far from us has firework shows all summer long; maybe we'll take a little road trip mid-week to see the sky light up in bright colors again.  

My littlest one isn't too fond of them yet; this Fourth of July he covered his little ears the whole time.  He wasn't impressed.  My middle two LOVED the show and it was so fun to look at the twinkle in their eyes as the sky lit up.  The excitedly exclaimed, "WHOA!" every. single. time!

Fireworks Craft for Kids

To make this no-mess (yay!) fireworks craft you'll need:
With various colors of sparkly tape, have your kiddos create criss-cross patterns.  I created criss-cross patterns with four pieces of tape about 2-3 inches long.  Arrange the tape all over the paper.

fireworks craft project preschoolers

Another option is to cut several pieces of tape about 1 inch long and then have them all connect in the middle, and then arrange them at different angles around that center; makes for a "fuller" firework.

Either way, you can't go wrong!

Just cut, peel, and press!  No-mess! {Well, the glitter did shed a little bit, but not too bad!}.  A super simple craft that sneaks in fine motor skills!

fireworks craft for preschoolers

I love how the glittery tape "pops" against the black background-- just like real fireworks against the night time sky. 

Add a few snips of sparkly tape to fill in some of the black space, and this easy fireworks craft is complete!

fireworks craft for kids

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