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Preschool Apple Math Activity | Free Apple Number Mats

We are fixated on apples over here.  We've shared a fine motor activity, delicious pre-writing tray, apple art project, and today we are sharing a fun apple math printable for your preschooler.

Apples, apples, everywhere!

Hopefully, you have been having some apple fun, too.
apple theme counting printable

Our apple math printable is perfect for counting, but could be adapted to work on many other math skills like addition, too!  Below, we'll show you two fun ways to use this printable!
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Adding in some hands-on fun is a great way to make math meaningful and fun!  Teach number sense to your preschooler using this free math printable!

Preschool Learning Activities using Apple Number Mats

Your preschooler will practice:

  • Number Recognition
  • 1:1 Correspondence
  • Counting Skills
  • fine motor skills

Apple Math Activity for Preschoolers


Apple Math Activity #1: Counting Apple Seeds with Beans


  • laminator
  • black beans (or another small black manipulative)

For this activity, you will need a laminator; this'll allow you to re-use these counting cards over and over again.

After printing the apple cards, laminate for durability and cut apart the apple cards

Provide your little one with a bowl of dried beans.

Encourage your child to put the apple cards in numeric order and then place the "seeds" {aka black beans} on or next to the apple card.

counting apple seeds math printable

Apple Math Activity #2: Counting Apple Seeds with Q-tip & Paint


  • q-tip
  • black paint 

Print out the apple counting cards.

Provide your little one with a q-tip and a small container of black paint.

Count alongside your child and explain that they are going to make apple seeds with the paint.

Have your child dip the q-tip into the paint and make said number of apple seeds on each apple.  

Thus the apple with number 3 on it will have 3 apple seeds, etc.

apple counting printable

As I mentioned this apple printable is so versatile you could also work on addition, subtraction, and even make it into a fun memory game!

You could also use this printable after reading one of our favorite books, 10 Apples Up On Top to talk about number sequencing

Either way, hope you and your child have fun with this apple math activity!

Click the link to print your apple math printable!

  • for personal use only
  • do not alter, sell, or copy printable

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