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Roll & Add Math Game: Ladybug Addition Printable

Expose your preschool or Kindergarten child to the concept of addition with our latest Ladybug Themed Addition Printable.  

By adding ladybug spots, your child will see how addition is combining two numbers to get a larger number. 

We love simple math games!

spring math printable for kids
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Prep the activity by printing a copy of our Ladybug Addition Printable.

You'll also need:

Fun Addtion Printable for Kids

fun math printable for kids

To play, your child will roll the die two times for each ladybug.

For each roll, your child will add that many black spots using the q-tip and paint to one side of the ladybug.

Your child {or you} may write the number rolled underneath the ladybug to "see" the math problem.  

Once each side of the ladybug has dots, add the dots to get the sum!

fun addition printable for kids

This ladybug math game is a perfect way to expose your little one to addition!
It is simple, fun, and works on fine motor skills, too!!

Border clipart licensed to Creative Clips and HelloPalazzo Font licensed to Jen Jones.

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