Tracing Lines Printable for Storybook, The Watermelon Seed


Baby Brother is pulling books off the shelves.  Little Sis is grabbing yet another Disney princess book to add to her pile.  

Little Brother is telling me repeatedly that he wants a Resue Bots book.  Big Brother escaped the madness to play a computer game.

Ahhh, library day

Somehow I round up the kiddos and we finally leave with yet another 50-some books and a mile long check-out receipt.  

Are your library days as exciting as ours?!
tracing lines pre-writing printable

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The kids know where to find books that interest them, but that leaves rows and rows of books untouched, so I like to walk through and grab a couple, too.  

We ended up with The Watermelon Seed on our latest trip, and it quickly became Little Brother's favorite!

 Have you read it before?  There is a page where the alligator burps out a watermelon seed and it inspired me to create our latest prewriting printable-- which is a great way to work on fine motor skills.

FREE Pre-Writing Printable

What you need:

We laminated the printable for durability and to use over again, however, you could have your child write on it with a marker or pencil, instead.

I cut out the prewriting printable into strips and provided Little Brother with a dry erase marker.

Beginning at the alligator's mouth, I encouraged him to trace the line to the watermelon seed.

tracing lines printable

Another way to present this activity could be to have your child trace the lines with a small black pom pom-- which kinda reminds me of the watermelon seed.

watermelon seeds tracing lines printable

We love extending a children's book through some type of learning activity or craft.  This prewriting printable is great for fine motor skills.

I think your kiddo will love tracing the burped seed as much as my little one did!

And now it is almost time to gear up for another trip to the library.  I wonder what storybooks we will pick next!

Click the link to download and print our Prewriting Printable inspired by The Watermelon Seed!

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