Googly Eyes Count & Match


This count and match number recognition worksheet is great for kiddos, 3-5 years old.  There's something magical about doing an activity that sneaks in important math skills like,  1:1 correspondence , counting, and number recognition!  Grab this count and match worksheet and have FUN turning numbers into monsters! 

count and match number recognition worksheet

This count and match worksheet combines math with a whole lot of laughs!  By turning each number, 1-10 into monsters, your child will be fully engaged in the learning process!  

He/she will be working on:

counting skills

number recognition

fine motor skills

1:1 correspondence

And, if your child is interested... simple addition! 

We've shared plenty of activities that sneak in some sort of educational concept, while having FUN! and this count and match activity is no different.

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The most well loved activities around here have been games and activities that allow for lots of creativity, like this count and match googly eyes number recognition worksheet!

While recognizing and counting numbers, 1-10, your child will have a blast creating their own not-so-scary number monsters!

Begin by gathering all your supplies.  With your child, count out the numbers on the printable as you point to each number. 

Tell your child that he/she will be using the googly eyes and markers to transform each number into a monster. Let the fun begin!

count and match googly eyes


Begin with the number one, and glue one googly eye onto the number.  Continue counting out the number of googly eyes to match the number and glue them on.  Once you glue the correct amount of googly eyes to a number, get creative!   Use your imagination to create a unique and one-of-a-kind monster.  Add hair, tail, spikes, horns, mouth, legs, etc. etc!

Our count and match googly eyes activity was a collaborative effort between me and my 3 1/2 year old.  I loved how he started doodling on number 9 and his marks reminded me of robot arms!

count and match

This count and match number recognition worksheet makes it so that monsters nor math have to be anything to be afraid of!

Click the link to download and print the Monster Number Printable to begin creating your own number monsters!
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