Indian Corn Letter Matching Activity for Preschoolers


I may complain about the weather, but I truly do love the fall season.  There is something refreshing about the cool air, falling leaves, and the different hues of red, yellow, and orange.

I also love fall decorations-- pumpkins, scarecrows, and Indian Corn to name a few.  

Inspired by Indian Corn, I put together a simple and festive fall letter matching activity for my 3 year old.  
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indian corn letter matching for preschoolers

With a hand-drawn picture of Indian Corn and a sheet of dot stickers, my 3 year old worked on letter recognition and fine motor skills.  I love simple and easy activities!  

This activity can easily be adapted to numbers, too.

Letter Matching Indian Corn for Preschoolers


First prep the activity by drawing a piece of Indian Corn on a sheet of paper.  

Choose several letters your child has been working on recognizing and write them all over the piece of Indian Corn.

Indian Corn Preschool Alphabet Activity

Somewhere on the page write out a "key" for your child; I chose the letters /m/, /a/, /t/, and /u/.

I wrote out those letters at the bottom of the page and placed a colored dot sticker next to each one.  /M/ was red, /a/ was blue, /t/ was yellow, and /u/ was green.

sticker by letter Indian Corn

Have your child choose a letter to find first and place the coordinating color on that letter.  

Continue until all the letters are covered with tiny dot stickers.

letter matching with stickers

My 5 year old helped out with this activity, but I loved that it was a simple and easy way to practice letter recognition AND sneak in fine motor skills. 

It was a fun way to learn and play using our stash of mini dot stickers!

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