Beaded Name Pipe Cleaner Bubble Wands


Summer isn't complete without days spent playing with bubbles! I honestly don't know who enjoys bubbles more... me or my kids;  My 2 year old and I probably tie!  And what makes bubble more fun?!...

..... Your very own Beaded Name Bubble Wands!

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Beaded Name Pipe Cleaner Bubble Wands

Making your own bubble wands is the perfect summer lazy day activity!  And bonus that it sneaks in some name/ letter recognition for your preschoolers!  The activity also works on fine motor skills.  It's not all fun and games in the summer (wink, wink); there's some serious learning going on here, too.

Pipe Cleaner Bubble Wand


Prep the bubble wands for little hands by bending one end of the pipe cleaner into a circle; twist the end into the "stick" of the wand.  At first we made our circles a fairly good size, but we had more success with blowing bubbles with a smaller pipe cleaner circle.

Just be ready to make adjustments as needed.

beaded name bubble wand

Have your kiddos thread various colored pony beads onto the straight part of the pipe cleaner-- encourage patterns or let your child choose whatever colors their heart desires.

After threading several pony beads onto the pipe cleaner, have your child gather letter beads to spell out his/her name.

How to make bubble wand

Thread the letter beads onto the pipe cleaner and if there is more room at the bottom, add more pony beads if you'd like!

Leave a little bit of the pipe cleaner at the bottom to twist up and around to keep the beads from falling and/or sliding off.

Grab your favorite bubble recipe or store bought bubbles and get ready to have some fun!  

Dip the newly created beaded name bubble wand into the bubbles and blow! Enjoy!

Pipe Cleaner Bubble Wands

Don't put away those pipe cleaners just yet!  Here's a few more ways to enjoy them!