Fine Motor Number Sequencing Pumpkin Patch


Every time the last egg is used, there is a mental game of ping pong in my head over whether or not I should keep it to re-use for who knows what.

Truth be told, I love stashing empty containers, paper tubes, and egg cartons away for a learning activity or craft.  It is always when I don't keep the carton that an idea strikes, so I say just save it!  ha!

Thankfully, an idea DID strike-- a stryofoam egg carton makes a great base for this Number Sequencing Pumpkin Patch.

Preschool Number Matching

This activity was inspired by our popular fine motor letter matching activity using an recycled box.  I couldn't not show and share how easily you switch the activity up depending on season and what your child is learning!!   Check it out!

Pumpkin Math Activity for Preschoolers

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Set up this activity by flipping the egg carton upside down and writing numbers 1-25 where each egg would have been.  I wrote 24/25 on the very last egg holder.  Punch a hole in each egg holder with the cupcake topper.

preschool pumpkin math activity

On each cupcake topper, write a number 1-25.  I wrote the numbers 24 and  25 on one pumpkin.

Place the pumpkins in some type of bowl and present activity to child.

Have your child pick up a pumpkin, identify the number, and find it on the egg carton pumpkin patch.

Once he/she has found the number, have him place it in the egg carton.

number sequencing for preschoolers

Other variations to this activity:

  • Do this activity in reverse.  Set up the pumpkin patch and have your child pull out the numbered pumpkin that you call out.
  • Identify odd/ even numbers
  • Make it a game by rolling dice, adding numbers and pulling the number out.  Whoever has most pumpkins wins!
  • Make up your own activity!
counting numbers for preschoolers

Do you keep a stash of recycled materials, too?  You should!  

You never know when a creative educational idea will strike!

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