The Very Busy Spider Counting Activity


Count to 10 with this The Very Busy Spider go-along activity. Toddlers and preschoolers will love this simple maths tray. Enjoy learning and playing with spider rings! 

the very busy spider activity math tray

Amongst my many bins of manipulatives is a bag with spider rings.  Every now and again the kids will get them out and pretend they are "power rings" as they run around the house, keeping us safe from bad guys.  That wasn't the intention I had when buying them; though, I am not sure why I did other than they seemed fun to have around.

Well, come to find out they make great manipulatives for this The Very Busy Spider Activity!

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The Very Busy Spider Activity

After reading The Very Busy Spider, the chosen book for the Virtual Book Clubs spider theme, I brought out our plastic spiders to work on 1:1 correspondence and counting with my 3 year old.

the very busy spider activity

Counting to 10 with The Very Busy Spider


After you have read The Very Busy Spider, fill up a small bowl with 10 plastic spiders to work on numbers 1-10. 

** If working with young toddlers, you may adjust to using only 5 spider rings to work on counting 1-5 instead. 

the very busy spider counting activity

Have your child place a plastic spider ring on each finger and count out the numbers 1-10.

the very busy spider activity - counting spiders

We did a similar activity with Big Sister when she was about 3 and she loved this rings on fingers math activity!

Continue counting until each ring is on a finger.  And when your child is ready to take them off-- count again!  You can even introduce counting backwards from 10!

the very busy spider activity - counting to 10

Add in some other plastic rings and you could work on patterns, addition, and subtraction, too!

Grab the book from your local library and set up this super simple and very hands-on {literally} counting activity for your little one!

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