Emoji Pencil Toppers Craft for Kids


My kids love writing with colorful pens, markers, and pencils with playful, decorative toppers.... so, we decided to make our own!

Your child will get a kick out of writing with their Emoji Pencil Topper.

Creating playful emoji faces will make math problems, writing sentences, and filling out worksheets wayyyy more fun!
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emoji kid craft

I'm thinking too, that a big ol' emoji pencil topper will keep our pencils from disappearing!   A pencil with a big yellow face will have hard time "walking off." ha!

Emoji Craft for Kids

We made our Emoji Pencil Toppers with foam, but yellow felt would work, too.  

emoji craft for kids

Supply List:

To make your own Emoji Pencil Toppers, cut out several circles from yellow foam.  I used a small cup to make a circle template.

With a glue gun handy, glue the two circular pieces together, leaving a small gap of glue at the bottom-- that is where the pencil will go.

Add small foam heart stickers or googly eyes for the eyes, and use a black sharpie for the mouth.

emoji craft for kids

You can make an emoji face on each side of the foam!

I googled "emoji faces" for my kiddos to search through to see what they would like to draw.

Once your emoji face has been drawn, insert the top of the pencil in the space where there is no glue.

We ended up with a cool emoji wearing sunglasses, and emoji giving a wink, and an emoji with nice big eyelashes and red lips! ha!

emoji craft for kids

We also happened to have the book, Happy! by Pharrell Williams to read and look through because you can't not look at an emoji and think of "happy!" We love the song, too!

Enjoy making writing fun with these cute Emoji Pencil Toppers!!

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