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Button Christmas Tree for Fine Motor Skills

We gave new life to our Velcro Christmas Tree by adding felt and buttons.  This new Button Christmas Tree also works to strengthen fine motor skills with your little ones.  

Your toddler and preschooler will love this festive button tree activity.

Fine Motor Skills Christmas Tree
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I wrapped a green piece of felt around our styrofoam tree and cut the excess off.

Next I sewed buttons onto the felt.

Cut small colorful circles from your extra pieces of felt and add a small snip to the middle. 

Fine Motor Activity using buttons

Since we had velcro on our styrofoam tree already, all I had to do was wrap the felt around the tree.

However, you may find it necessary to glue the green felt around the styrofoam with a hot glue gun.

Set it up to either have your child decorate the button tree by adding the felt circles to the buttons or have your child take down the felt circles.

Either way, your little one will be working on those all important fine motor skills!
Fine motor skills christmas tree

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