Pipe Cleaner Mosaic Process Art for Kids


Our school room wall has become quite an impressive art gallery!  We have our letter of the week crafts along the top of the wall and various art projects my kiddos have done over the past few years.  Yes... years!

Some pieces of artwork I can just not take down as they are too precious, like the portrait Big Brother did 2ish years ago of little brother-- then just a baby.

It is too.stinkin'.adorable!!

Another piece of art went up on our wall recently-- Little Sis and I put together a collaborative piece of art using pipe cleaners.

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pipe cleaner process art for kids

Have you ever given your child a material or two and just let them create?!  

Truth be told, giving up a sense of "control" over the outcome leaves me a bit unsettled... but the anxiety fades as I see pure joy over my kiddos faces as they create to their liking.  

Nothing can compare to the squeals of delight and accomplishment, "Mom!! Look what I did!"-- and though it may not be what I would have done, that is exactly the point of process art.

Pipe Cleaner Craft for Kids

Process art can be done with a number of materials; we chose to use pipe cleaners.

process art with pipe cleaners


Since little fingers are working on this project, make sure the glue gun is low heat and the child knows how to use it.

Adult supervision is recommended.

pipe cleaners craft for kids

To create your own pipe cleaner mosaic, simply bend, twist, wrap the pipe cleaner in various ways and then find a spot where you would like the pipe cleaner to go and apply the hot glue.

Press the pipe cleaner into the glue and continue with the next piece.

Cover the whole piece of black paper, or allow the black to show through.

Make zig zags, swirls, lines, shapes, etc. with your pipe cleaners.

The sky is the limit.

Enjoy the process of creating!

pipe cleaners art for kids

As I mentioned above, adult supervision is required with this project.  

In this collaborative process art project with Little Sis, she bent the pipe cleaners and told me where they should go.  I applied the glue.

I love the contrast of the bright colored pipe cleaners against the black background.  

It makes the colors "POP!"

As we "oohed" and "ahhed" over our creation, I couldn't help but savor the moment creating with my little girl.

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