Easy Name Recognition Paper Chain for Preschoolers


Sometimes when creativity is low and you are short on time, it is best to add a twist to a classic activity.  It was one of those afternoons that was just dragging on with my little ones, so I resorted to having my 3 year old keep busy by making a paper chain.  

The paper chain is a classic.

However, I added an educational spin to the activity by having Little Brother make a name chain by linking the letters in his name.

name activity for kids

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Paper chains-- simple, quick, and easy to put together.  It was the perfect activity for that moment in time!

Supply List to make your own name recognition paper chain:

It wasn't a completely independent activity as my 3 year old need some help, but it was relaxing to me to be "in the moment" working with him on something, instead of telling him to get out of the pantry for the 55th time or to stop antagonizing his older sister.  Oh, little brothers sure are fun!

Name Recognition Activity for Preschoolers

Using my paper cutter {love having it almost as much as my laminator!}, I cut several strips of construction paper-- one strip for each letter of my son's name.

I wrote a letter on each paper strip and wrote out his name on a piece of paper.

name activity for kids

I showed Little Brother the letters on each strip to work on letter recognition and then told him how they are the letters in his name.

Ya know, I don't remember my other kiddos getting this way, but he just "lights up" when we say anything about his name.  I just love it!

Using the piece of paper to guide him, he found the first letter and placed glue on one end of the paper strip.

Then he folded the other side in to make a circle.

name activity for kids

Then he found the next letter, placed it through is first circle, glued the ends together.... thus, you have the beginning of a chain.

But not just any chain.... a name chain!!

name recognition activity

After, we counted how many letters make up his name and hung it on the wall!  Little Sis even made one, too!

name activity for kids

What classic activity have you done lately?  Make it "new" by adding a twist such as name recognition, counting, letters, etc!