Fun with Phonics - Stomp It Out Reading Game


Have fun with phonics by playing this Stomp It Out Reading Game!  Move beyond knowing letter sounds to reading simple words with this fun phonics game!  Just two materials needed to get your child reading simple CVC words.  It's perfect for preschool, Kindergarten, and 1st graders learning how to read!

have fun with phonics by stomping out letter sounds!

Little Sis loves school.  She definitely wants ownership in it and will often come up to me with books in hand wanting to work on something.  She has surprised me by breezing through her phonics program, and to fill in the gap until I purchase the next unit, I have been setting up games reinforcing what she has learned up to now like this Stomp It Out Phonics Game.  

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Teaching Reading with Phonics

When teaching my oldest to learn how to read, we did a mix of sight words and phonics instruction.  It was definitely heavier on the "phonics" side as I believed decoding skills would be important as he got older.

As he has gotten older and we are beginning reading instruction with Little Sis, I still believe phonics instruction is best!

Now, just what is phonics instruction?

Phonics are an important building block in learning how to read the English language.  Phonics is the reading  method that teaches the individual sounds each letter or groups of letters make.

When one understands phonics, words can be read!  For example, it's teaching the word "bug" as three individual letter sounds -- /b/, /u/, /g/.

Once a child knows letter sounds, build their confidence by setting up games and activities that allow him/her to practice blending sounds together to make words!

Fun With Phonics

I love being sneaky by setting up games and activities that weaves in reinforcing numbers, letters, or some other type of concept.  Kids will have fun with phonics with this fun Stomp It Out Game!

Stomp It Out Phonics Game

Little ones learning to read will enjoy stomping out the letter sounds to make words!

I happened upon some foam feet at the Dollar Store not too long ago and just had to snatch them up.

They came in handy for this reading game, and for kiddos that like to move-- this is perfect for them!


** alternatively, you could cut feet shapes from construction paper OR keep it simple and just use construction paper with a letter on each piece of paper.

Having fun with Phonics

On each foam foot, I wrote a letter of the alphabet with a black sharpie marker.

We used this reading game to work on blending simple CVC words.  However, if using more advanced phonograms, like /ay/, write both letters on one foot as together they say one sound.  

have fun with phonics by stomping out letter sounds to read

We used these alphabet feet to work on blending and reading CVC words.  

I thought of several simple CVC words for Little Sis to read and set them out one at a time.  I set out three feet spelling out a CVC word.

To decode the word, Little Sis had to stomp or point to each foot while making the letter sound.

As she stomped on each letter, she was able to blend the sounds to make a word!

stomp out letter sounds phonics game

Little Sis had a blast stomping and reading!

It makes for an easy activity to do indoors or to fill up a dragging afternoon... or just because! Have fun!

More Fun with Phonics Activities:

Now that you have a set of alphabet feet.... here's some more ways to learn and play! 

You could also use the foam feet to make an alphabet trail around the house helping your little ones with letter recognition.

Or you could spread the feet all over the floor, call out a letter or sound, and have your child jump to it.

Or you could use the feet to work on colors or numbers instead!

So many fun ways to learn and play with this foam feet set!  Make sure to add some foam feet to your Dollar Store list on your next visit.

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