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Fun Penguin Popper Craft for Kids

We all know the mantra, "Work hard, play hard."  Well, I've got a super fun activity the kiddos will love once their school work is all done.

Reward a job well done, work done on time with these oh so adorable Penguin Poppers!
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penguin craft for kids

We all need a good laugh and a chance to burn energy through mindless play, and these Penguin Poppers provide just that!


Penguin Craft for Kids

Given the supply list, adult supervision for the beginning of the project is highly recommended and/or prep the cup and balloons before the kiddos get near the activity.  Please use your best judgment.

Using a sharp knife, cut out the bottom of the cup.  

penguin craft for kids

Next tie the open end of the balloon into a knot.  Cut across the balloon at the opposite end.

Place the cut part of the balloon on the bottom end of the black cup. 

Next apply sticky googly eyes and a small triangle cut from orange paper for the penguin's beak.

Cut an oval out of white paper for the penguin's belly and apply with glue.

fun penguin craft for kids

Once your penguin popper is assembled, gather cotton balls or marshmallows.

Place one or a couple in the open part of your penguin popper.

To shoot the cotton balls or marshmallows out, pull the knot of the balloon back and let go to launch what is inside!

We had some issues with the balloons sliding off, so as you hold the penguin popper, wrap your hand around the base of the balloon and pull the knot with your other hand to help keep it in place.  Or you can attempt to apply a thin layer of glue or tape before putting on the balloon.

easy penguin craft for kids

If you are working on a penguin theme, you might like to check out our
Penguin Math Printable that works on patterns or browse through some printables we used for our own Penguin Theme a few years ago!

Ah!  These penguin poppers are just too cute!  And so fun!  So work hard, play hard people!

Hope you and your kiddos have fun making them!