Peacock Paper Cup Art and Craft


Learning about birds?  Have a kiddo obsessed with peacocks?!  Then you might enjoy this stunningly simple Peacock Paper Cup Art and Craft! Kiddos of all ages will be able to help create this fun paper cup craft using many materials you may already have around the house!

paper cup art and craft - peacock
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Truth be told, I love love love checking out the peacocks during a trip to the zoo.  Their feathers are absolutely beautiful!

I think my daughter is a fan, too.  For the past several years the first thing she claims she wants to dress up as for Halloween is.... a peacock-- although, that still has yet to happen.  Something else always comes to mind!  Nevertheless, if you can't dress up as one (or won't!), at least make this peacock paper cup art and craft!

Peacock Paper Cup Art and Craft

I love setting up crafts to go along with books we find at the library.  To set up this peacock art and craft, read a few of these books:

After reading make your own paper cup peacock! 

Peacock Art and Craft Supplies:

peacock art and craft supplies

How to Make Peacock Art and Craft Using a Paper Cup

For ease, we used a blue paper cup.  However, if you happen to have white paper cups on hand by all means, use those-- just paint them blue first!

Using a paper trimmer, cut strips of paper- blues, purple, greens- about no more than an inch wide.  

For the beak, cut a small triangle from orange construction paper.

To start assembling your peacock craft, take the strips of paper and loop them in half.  Staple the ends together.

peacock paper craft

Once you have made several feathers from the colored construction paper, start adhering them to the back of the cup with tape.

Tape a few starting at the middle of the cup.  Then create another row by taping another set of looped paper "feathers" above the first row.  

If desired, add a few more paper "feathers" to fill in any gaps.

peacock feathers paper craft

Next add two googly eyes and orange beak to the front of the paper cup.

To add some sparkly, glue small sequins onto the paper feathers.  

Allow the sequins to dry

If making this craft with little ones, tiny sequins such as the ones we used may be a bit frustrating.  Other ideas would be to use larger sequins, stickers, or have q-tip dipped in sparkly paint!

Finally, tape a feather to the top of the paper cup. 

paper cup craft - peacock

So stunning and simple was this peacock art and craft!  We hope you enjoy it during your next Storytime and craft session!! 

Or just because... 

because who wouldn't want to create one's very own Peacock Paper Cup Craft?!

peacock paper cup craft


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