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Snowflakes I SPY & Graph {FREE Printable}

Start off the New Year with a little game of I SPY!  Our recent I SPY & Graph Printable is perfect for winter time-- count and graph snowflakes!  Your little one will work on visual scanning and early math skills, like counting and graphing, with this free printable.  My 5 year old worked on this I SPY & Graph Printable, while my 4 year old worked on our I SPY & Graph Christmas Trees Printable.

snowflakes I SPY printable game

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Snowflake I SPY Printable

Whether you use this free printable worksheet for a few minutes of one-on-one time or for your child to work on solo while you make dinner, run a load of laundry, or sneak away to drink your hours old coffee.... it's simple to use-- just print, count, and graph!


To keep track of the snowflakes counted and to mark them on the graph, my kiddos love using Do A Dot Markers.

 I SPY snowflakes printable worksheet

Another option is to color in the graph while using some type of manipulative to keep track of the snowflakes counted.

Or if using this printable with more than one child, place the printable in a page protector to be used over and over again.

In this I SPY printable, your child will work on differentiating between five different snowflake images.  

Love simple printables that work on several skills at the same time!  

Why We Love I SPY Games:

  • great for visual scanning and discrimination 
  • fun to play
  • simple boredom buster
  • hands-on counting activity
  • introduces graphing skills

printable I SPY snowflakes game

After your child has completed the I SPY & Graph printable, talk about most/ least.

For an advanced child, you could even pose the question, "You found x number of this snowflake, how many more would you need to find to make 10?''

Or maybe print off two, and see who can count and graph the snowflakes first.

However you decide to play, enjoy this winter freebie!

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