Dr. Seuss Art Project: Color Mixing Truffula Trees


Sometimes I get so excited over teaching a topic, you'd think it was MY first time learning about it like in the case of our recent color mixing activity.  

Learn about primary and secondary colors while creating your own Truffula Trees inspired by Dr. Suess', The Lorax.  Preschool and early elementary kids will love this Dr. Seuss Art Project! 

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color mixing activity inspired by Dr. Seuss's Lorax

Please tell me I'm not the only one fascinated by color-mixing?!  If you are too, I think you'll enjoy these other fun color mixing activities with your kiddos:

Dr. Seuss Art Project Supplies:

Have you ever tried Fork Painting before? If not, you'll enjoy trying it out for this Dr. Seuss Art Project.  If you'd like to try it again, you might like making Fork Painted Fireworks to celebrate the 4th of July!

Anyhow, after reading Dr. Seuss' The Lorax, create your own color mixing truffula trees.

Color Mixing Activity

How to Make Color Mixing Truffula Trees

Grab three forks to make the Truffula Trees.  

Pour small dabs of red and yellow, yellow and blue, and red and blue onto the paper.  Let your children know that these are called primary colors.  From combinations of primary colors, we make all the other colors! 

Next, use a fork to spread the paint to create a Truffula Tree.

color mixing fork painting

Begin in the center and pull back the fork to create a Truffula-like tree.

As you spread the paint around, you should notice that the two primary colors make a new color!

Red and yellow make orange.
Blue and red make purple.
Yellow and blue make green.

Orange, purple, and green are secondary colors!

color mixing activity inspired by The Lorax

Finally, using chalk pastels {markers and/or crayons}, create your Truffula Tree stems.

So fun!  This Dr. Seuss art project is a great way to learn and play today! 

Dr. Seuss Art Project - color mixing truffula trees

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Then, take a break and whip up a Pink Yink Ink Drink for a snack!