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Going on a Bear Hunt Process Art Painting

Try this fun sensory-rich, child-led process art painting to go along with one of our favorite storybooks, Going on a Bear Hunt!

Bedtime stories with my 4 year old consist of robots, dinosaurs, anything Transformers, and sometimes, sometimes classic stories like, Going on a Bear Hunt.

As I figured, it quickly became a favorite story!

We have since read it several nights in a row and even decided to get artsy by creating a process art painting inspired by the story using different sensory materials!
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Going On a Bear Hunt Sensory Art Activity

To date, one of the most popular posts on our blog was inspired by this storybook, too!  We created No-Mess Sensory Bags-- travel through the long wavy grass, deep cold river, thick oozy mud, big dark forest, and swirling, whirling snow storm to the cave by a unique sensory experience.

In our latest process art project inspired by the book, Going on a Bear Hunt, I grabbed several materials for each scene and let my 4 year old create as his heart desired.  It was a fun, sensory rich activity!

Sensory Art Activity


Going on a Bear Hunt Preschool Art Activity

Along with a thick sheet of white paper {artist notebook paper}, I set out glue, paintbrushes, and the materials in clear plastic dishes:
long, way grass-- plastic grass
deep, cold river-- watered down paint
thick, oozy mud-- brown paint
big dark forest-- fake leaves and wooden craft sticks
swirling, whirling snowstorm-- snow fluff

After reading through the story, have your child use the materials to create their own painting using materials for each scene of Going on a Bear Hunt.

sensory painting for Going on a Bear Hunt

I gave my son no direction other than providing materials, so his creation is all his own.

I encouraged him to use all the materials, but where he placed the materials and how was all child led!

I didn't provide a bear at first, but at my son's request I free-handed a bear template on a piece of construction paper.  I added googly eyes and a black nose with a marker.

process art painting for  going on a bear hunt

My two older kiddos don't like to miss out on the fun, so they ended up creating a painting, too.

It looks like my 5 year old was trying to break up her painting in sections with the water, mud, grass, and snowstorm painted in layers.

My 9 year old created sections for each scene.
 Going on a Bear Hunt sensory art  activity
I first found out about Going on a Bear Hunt through the curriculum, Before Five in a Row.  I quickly fell in love with the story!  

Is it one of your favorites, too?
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