Counting Butterflies Roll and Cover Preschool Math Game


Roll and cover math games are a fun way to practice counting on, simple addition, and comparing sets.  Add some fun mini eraser manipulatives, and you have yourself a fun hands-on math game.  

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roll and cover free math game printable

Recently I shared my love for Target's Dollar Spot by using some mini eraser rabbits in a math inspired sensory bin.  We've played Stack the Erasers-- perfect for fine motor skills, and with our most recent mini eraser set, I've created a cute spring themed Roll and Cover Math Game.

Fun Free Math Game

I used some clipart you may have noticed from our popular What's Hiding in the Grass Scissor Skills Activity and created a simple math game using mini eraser manipulatives and a die.

You could set up this activity for one or more players.  

roll and cover preschool math game


To play, have your child roll the die and place that many butterflies on the printable.  I've included 20 little blue dots on the printable to help keep track of counting.

free math printable

As I mentioned this can be a one or two player game.  

If playing with two players, either:
1. print out two sheets and each player tries to be the first to fill up their gameboard with mini eraser butterlies.
2. Use one sheet, but have each player choose a color of a butterfly.  Once the gameboard is full, count each color to see who has the most.

Another option to play is by practicing subtraction and filling up the gameboard with 20 butterflies and then taking butterflies out of the garden with each roll of the die.

However you choose to play, I think (and hope) this game will be a big hit with your kiddos, too!!

counting to 20 free math game printable

Download and print your Bugs in the Garden Roll and Cover Game.

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