Rainbow Fish Preschool Craft


Learn and play with the popular children's book, The Rainbow Fish today!  I love reading a good book to my kiddos and then extending the story through some type of craft or educational activity.  Go-along activities make the story come alive as we create, craft, and learn long after the story is over; we share our favorite parts of the story, re-tell the story in our own words, make up something silly to add to the story, etc!  After enjoying the book together, have your little one create his/her own rainbow fish!  This rainbow fish preschool craft will be a delight for your little learners!

paper plate rainbow fish preschool craft
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Our latest story time craft activity is the perfect go-along for the well-known children's book, The Rainbow Fish.  We've had this book since Big Brother was a baby.  Instead of cards at my baby shower, guests were asked to bring their favorite book and because of that we started off with quite a library!

The Rainbow Fish is a classic children's story of a beautiful blue fish with shimmering scales.  The other fish look longingly at his scales hoping for one, too, however the rainbow fish thinks he will be less than without his shimmering scales.  As the story continues, he learns an important lesson on sharing with others.  

Rainbow Fish  Preschool Craft

This craft will turn a basic paper plate into a colorful rainbow fish; my favorite part is you can hang it up on he window for a sun catcher effect!  Little ones of all ages will love in making his/her own colorful rainbow fish craft! 

Rainbow Fish Craft Supplies:


To save some time I picked up a pack of blue paper plates, however you could also have your child paint a white paper plate blue...  it all depends on how much mess you want to deal with!

Prep the rainbow fish craft by cutting a circle from the middle of the paper plate.

Cut a circular piece of clear contact paper a little bit bigger than the hole in the paper plate.  Fix it to the underside of the plate-- sticky side up.

rainbow fish craft materials

Next, have your child fill the middle of the paper plate with tissue paper, sequins, and ripped up foil pieces.  No glue necessary!   Just arrange the colorful paper on the contact paper and it'll stick right to it.

Once the inside of the rainbow fish has been filled up, next it's time to add the fins.  I cut three triangular pieces out: one for the tail and two for fins on the top and bottom of the fish, along with a heart shaped piece for the rainbow fish's lips.

decorating the rainbow fish craft

Decorate the fins with glitter glue (squeezing the glue is great for fine motor skills!).  At this time I also brought out our handy "mess-mats" -- these are genius by the way!  

This helps protects our table from glue and whatnot.  I wish I had found these earlier!  Typically I just use an old sheet, but sometimes I wasn't fast enough before the kiddos started painting or coloring, so our kitchen table has been showed some love.


Allow the glue to dry and then glue the pieces to the back of the paper plate.  Glue on a googly eye.

Add some tape and hang on the window!  Enjoy your own personal rainbow fish!