Pipe Cleaner Constellations | Hands-on Astronomy Activity


Learn about the constellations while building them with pipe cleaners!  Kids will love this hands-on, STEM astronomy activity!

Learning about space in your homeschool this year?  Add this fun, hands-on activity to your list of "Must Do Activities"! Get your space enthusiast excited about learning the constellations while creating them with a few simple materials!

This activity is definitely one the whole family can try from toddlers to late elementary-- granted, the outcome may not look the same, but it's a great activity to do all together.

solar system constellation activity

Constellation Activity for Kids

Grab a few books for a book basket-- I think these help peek interest; I usually just leave a basket of books out all week for them to come explore on their own and/or read together if requested.

Here's a few to check out:

After reading about constellations through books and websites, allow your kiddos to build a few popular constellations with pipe cleaners and beads!  Such a simple and fun engineering and science activity the kids will love.  And because it is hands-on and involves critical thinking and many other skills, I am hoping it'll help your child remember the constellations in the sky for when they are out star-gazing at night.

Read more about our supply list and how to do the activity, Pipe Cleaner Constellations, over at 123Homeschool4Me.

Enjoy this hands-on constellation building task!  

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