Preschool Sponge Painted Pumpkin Activity


Homeschooling the younger years can be exhausting, but creating fun and festive activities in keeping with the seasons make the long days bearable.  Who doesn't love fun themed learning activities?  Bunnies and butterflies for spring, watermelon and water play in the summer, snowmen and reindeer in the winter, and apples and of course, pumpkins in the fall!!

Trust me, when they get older, they aren't so much interested in fun, seasonal activities! Thus, I'll enjoy it now!

This cute Sponge Painted Pumpkin Activity was one of our latest seasonal learning activities!

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preschool pumpkin craft

The activity is part puzzle, part craft.  
A little bit of math, a little bit of fine motor skills.
And a whole lot of cute!

Preschool Pumpkin Craft

First prep the activity by drawing out a large circle on orange construction paper.  If you want to get all precise, grab a ruler and draw ten horizontal lines of equal width.  Not gonna lie, a ruler was a little too much work for me, so I just eye-balled the lines and erased a few times!

Once the lines are drawn out, cut the lines.  I drew out 10 lines within the pumpkin and labeled each strip with a number 1-10.

pumpkin puzzle craft activity

My 4 year old was then tasked with the job of putting the strips back in order 1-10 and gluing the strips to another piece of paper.  

Thus here is where a little of math and fine motor skills are intertwined!

preschool pumpkin puzzle

After the strips were put in order and glued in place, I brought out some sponges and black paint.

Now, it was time for a little "crafting."  He was tasked with sponge painting a face on our pumpkin using the sponge shapes and black paint.

painted pumpkin puzzle craft

We added a brown rectangle to the top of our pumpkin for the stem and our pumpkin learning activity was complete!  And it turned out so cute!

pumpkin activity for preschoolers

Crafts can be educational, too!! ; )  This simple activity was full of math concepts and fine motor skills.  It was such an easy hands-on activity to put together!

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